I see there are tags "recommendation" and "recommender-system".

My question for discussion is:

Is this on purpose? If not, should we merge them into one, let's say "recommender-system"?

There are 92 questions tagged with "recommendation".

There are 59 questions tagged with "recommender-system".

There are 12 questions tagged with both.

I didn't read all questions, but at first glance it looks to me that there is almost no difference in thematics of questions tagged with these two tags.

I am aware of almost the same question from 2014: Should the recommendation tag be burninated?.


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Get rid of recommendation; it can be construed as an invitation for recommendations, which is a useless tag.


I agree. I did the same thing - untagged questions that weren't about recommender systems, which was only about 10%, and then merged them.


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