It seems that there are two similar tags: hyperparameter and hyperparameter-tuning (see below)

enter image description here

Both tags are used at relatively the same rate and could potentially be merged. I see 2 options here:

  • Keep both tags

This would imply that they pertain to different topics. If this is the case, someone should write a clear description for hyperparameter-tuning as it is currently missing.

  • Merge both tags

My personal preference. What is the process for merging tags? Are only users with a certain reputation allowed to perform that action? Is there a way to suggest merging tags besides asking a question like I did here?


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In general, you can merge tags when you have enough total reputation and a positive answer score for the tag under consideration. A positive answer score is sufficient to vote on tag synonyms.

hyperparameter seems to be more general than hyperparameter-tuning, for example, it could include questions about parameters of a Bayesian prior distribution.


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