Recently many posts have had the tag also added. Is there a compelling reason for the existence of both tags?

At time of posting, there are 77 questions tagged with and 179 with , the former being almost a subset of the latter (one counterexample, I think).

  • $\begingroup$ A status update has been made to the answer below. $\endgroup$
    – Ethan
    Commented Sep 25, 2022 at 15:09

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It is interesting you bring this up, I was thinking about this the other day. I think this is a good point.

Perhaps it would make more sense to merge them? I have been adding the Orange3 tag to relevant questions recently thereby increasing it use - however I am not sure any question asked recently refer specifically to any earlier versions of the software. For reference Stack Overflow only has one tag Orange and does not have a separate tag for Orange3.

An analogue of this would be having a python tag and a python2 tag. The latter is not likely to garner much use as older versions become superannuated.

More explicitly - I do not think having a separate tag for versions makes the most sense as likely almost all questions asked at this time will be included in this subset as you mentioned.

Status Update 11/25/22:

The tag has officially been removed. Why was this done? In addition to the many great points outlined above, here are some quick reasons:

  • There is no distinction between versions on the larger site Stack Overflow (there is just one tag )

  • There was less site-wide interest in the tag compared to the tag (only 5 watchers compared to the 44 on the more general tag)

  • There is enough semantic similarity between both of these tags that there is no real reason to have the distinction (most questions on Orange just simply included both tags)

  • Any question about Orange is likely implicitly referring to Orange 3+ as older versions have been superannuated (the earliest release of Orange on its GitHub page is for version 3.1 and was released on Nov 10, 2014)

  • There were relatively little usage of the tag relative to the tag (10 questions asked this year compared to 29 on the main tag)

  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! I've set a tag synonym orange3->orange. $\endgroup$
    – Ben Reiniger Mod
    Commented Sep 25, 2022 at 15:16

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