This is a short highlight of the journey. Swing by LinkedIn for a more detailed one. Enjoy ;)

Software Development is one of my favourite hobbies and the best way I discover and learn new material.

My skills are all over the place as shown below


  1. Mobile Development: Mainly iOS

    Firebase, Parse, No-SQL backends, Handful of other frameworks

  2. Backend Web Development: Responsible for the deployment of a web app on pythonanywhere.

    Flask, SQL

  3. Computer Vision: Detection of the boogie board

    OpenCV, Tensorflow Object Detection

  4. Probabilistic Modeling: Fall Risk Assessment of patients at Cleveland Clinic

    Data Analysis


  1. Physical DNA Mapping: DNA reconstruction

    Graph Theory, Proper Interval Graphs

    More info

  2. Abnormal Human Activities Detection: (Current)

    Imagine a person walking in a parking lot then suddenly collapses. Without anyone around or the personnel responsible for monitoring the CCTV cameras catching it, help is delayed.

    The goal of the research is developing a system that would be able to detect any form of abnormal activities (contingent of its current application) and learn in due time.

    OpenCV, Machine Learning


Hiking, running, road cycling and mountain biking are a few of my outdoor favourites.

I try posting a video or two while am at it on YouTube and my segments on Strava too.


  1. I prefer being the little fish in a big pond because learning is my number one priority.

  2. I jokingly say, The fall of a/one fool is the rise of another. The plan is to not be the fool.

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