mkt - Reinstate Monica

Monica Cellio has from all accounts been an exemplary member of the Stack Exchange community for many years, and an outstanding moderator of multiple SE sites. Stack Exchange recently fired her from all moderator positions because she asked questions about a policy that had yet to be implemented (and as moderator, implementation was partly her job). They have since lied about what happened by defaming her on this site and in the media, thereby damaging her professionally. These actions are not just unprofessional - they are reprehensible.

Monica has received possibly unanimous support from moderators and high-rep users across the Stack Exchange network over this fiasco. We hope to not let this issue die down and to force SE to


[OLD Text: Apparently, this user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them. Perhaps because that opens up an infinite range of exciting possibilities. They could be Elon Musk. The guy who invented nerf guns. A visiting time-traveller trying to get you to fix your analyses to stop the impending disaster. Or a random postdoc who knows a tiny bit about stats and is somehow using it to procrastinate about their real work. Could be any of those. I guess you'll never know.]

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