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Hi, I'm Noe Casas. I specialize in natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI).

If you're a startup/company looking for guidance in your endeavours, feel free to reach out at [email protected]. I'd be happy to discuss how I can be of assistance to you. Check out my LinkedIn profile or the summary below to know the areas where I could be helpful.

🇨🇳 如果您是家需要技术指导和支持的公司,请通过 [email protected] 联系我来安排咨询服务(汉语、英语都可以)。我们能讨论怎么合作。立刻查看我的领英资料或下面的摘要来了解我可以提供帮助的领域。

🇪🇸 Si sois una startup o compañía y necesitáis asesoramiento en temas de IA y procesamiento de lenguaje natural, podéis escribirme a [email protected] para comentar cómo puedo seros de ayuda (en inglés, español o chino). Echad un ojo a mi LinkedIn o al resumen de abajo para ver mis área de especialización.

Areas of expertise:

  • Machine translation, language modelling and NLP: I hold a PhD in Neural Machine Translation and have been doing NLP (deep learning-based and classical) for the last 7 years, both in Python and C++; I also have experience in speech processing and computer vision. I do both Pytorch and Tensorflow/Keras. Experience with LLMs (fine-tuning, RAG systems, etc).
  • Data science: experience with the Python stack: scikit-learn, pandas, etc. I deal with SQL every day. Regarding algorithms: experience with logistic regression, SVMs, linear regression, Bayesian linear models, A/B testing, gradient-boosted trees, k-means, hdbscan.
  • Software development: almost 20 years of professional programming experience. Extensive backend experience in Python, Javascript, C++, and Java; experience also in mobile development in Kotlin and Swift, and some web development with React and Next.
  • Systems engineering: experience building scalable internet-facing services based on node.js/python, nginx, redis and SQL databases.

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