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Different from stack overflow

I disagree. I've recently started to participate in all three of those communities (although particularly more active in stack overflow) and the differences are considerable. Stack Overflow is a ...
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Can alternative sites now be added to off-topic/migration?

I think it would be helpful. Some thoughts on the potential list. Open Data seems to be doing fairly well, and would seem to be a good target for migration. But as a beta site is not an option for ...
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Time to do something about datascience stackexchange?

I know I am not an avid user. My reputation is not even worth mentioning. I would however, consider myself an engaged user. ...
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How to deal with questions already answered on other communities like Stack Overflow or stats exchange?

When the question doesn't belong here also, close it for that reason. When it does, I generally just leave the comment with the link, but if you are worried about the question remaining open, consider ...
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Definitive guide for choosing the right SE site to ask a question on?

Thanks for this. I love Big and Bold. But... I assume that ideally we want to have only 1 correct website per question. So concerning that, let's check the Definition of ideal: n. A ...
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Definitive guide for choosing the right SE site to ask a question on?

You're right, these SEs overlap to a greater or lesser degree. I'd say use your judgment and post where it seems to fit best. Mods can migrate if they feel strongly about it. I think the biggest ...
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