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Difference between hyperparameter and hyperparameter-tuning tags

It seems that there are two similar tags: hyperparameter and hyperparameter-tuning (see below) Both tags are used at relatively ...
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How should we tag questions related to data that has a time dimension?

This morning, I suggested an edit to a question to change "dataset" to "unbalanced panel data" in the title and add a panel-data tag. Soon after, I found a question asking about longitudinal data, ...
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Should we burninate unbalanced-classes tag and merge it with class-imbalance?

Currently there are two tags for class imbalance, class-imbalance and unbalanced-classes. Given that they refer to the exact same thing, and that the standard term in the literature is "class ...
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natural-language-process and nlp

I've noticed that there is a tag called natural-language-process that has been used more than 170 times already. Should it be made a synonym of the nlp tag which ...
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Rename [scikit] tag to [scikit-learn]

I'm proposing the renaming/synonymizing of [scikit] tag to [scikit-learn]. Why? The tag has the form [scikit-learn] also in Stack Overflow and Cross Validated The tag in its current form can attract ...
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Should math and mathematics be tag synonyms?

There are two tags, math and mathematics, which I believe should be made synonyms of each other. On another note, they do not have usage guidelines. My assumption would be that a question tagged with ...
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Why do we have an MLP tag?

Ran across a question with the mlp tag today. As of asking this question, the mlp tag has 52 questions and no tag description, ...
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Can the data-visualization and visualization tags be merged?

I think the data-visualization tag can be merged into the visualization tag. Both solve the same purpose. And the visualization has a wiki for itself too.
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Q: Should suggesting tag synonyms be more accessible?

Context I saw a question with the tag k-nn for K-Nearest Neighbors. I thought it was a typo and that it should be changed to knn...