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Should questions about data science book recommendations be considered on-topic for Data Science?

One recent example: Can someone suggest good books or resources on SparkR? It seems to me that asking for book recommendations does not adhere to the guidelines. Examples of questions that are on-...
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How to deal with follow up questions posted as answers?

I was recently looking through some old questions and stumbled upon a question that was relatively high impact (somewhere around 10k+ views). As such, it has somewhere around four or five answers. ...
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Custom flag for cross-posting was declined with puzzling justification

I recently raised a custom flag in this question for being cross-posted to Stack Overflow; to my surprize, the flag was declined - Using standard flags helps us prioritize problems and resolve them ...
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More flagging options needed

This site has a relatively large amount of off-topic questions which should be better moved to SO or CV. But currently in Flagging > Closing > Off-Topic > Migration, the only listed site is meta-...
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Flagging link-only answers

I once flagged two link-only answers, but since we're not StackOverflow, in terms of size/#users, I think we should rather strive to comment/edit the posts, so as to make them not link-only answers. ...
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