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For questions about the Cross Validated site ( and its relationship with Data Science Stack Exchange. This can include questions about how the sites are similar or different, about which site(s) a question is appropriate on, and about cross-posting questions on both sites.

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How to deal with questions already answered on other communities like Stack Overflow or stats exchange?

I see a lot of questions those are already answered on other communities like StackOverflow or Stats Stackexchange. We can not mark it duplicate as its not on our community. After providing the link ...
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Community conscious on viewing hot questions from artificial intelligence and cross validated stack exchange

It is a well-known fact that overlap is high between the three sites: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cross Validated. If we go through the meta-questions of individual sites, we can also find ...
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Stack Overflow is planning to give their non-programming Machine Learning questions wholesale to Cross Validated

Just a note that Stack Overflow is looking to give away their closed questions on theoretical (i.e. non-programming) aspects of ML to Cross Validated: Let's gift wrap our (good) Machine Learning ...
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What is on-topic here?

I am trying to find the right site for a question and am a bit torn between data science, cross validated, and ...
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Identical question posted here and on Cross-Validated

The question Simple Neural Network Implementation in Keras has been cross-posted here and on Cross-Validated. I flagged it as a cross-post: it's never ok to cross-post on both sites, see When is it ...
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Can alternative sites now be added to off-topic/migration?

I see this was asked a while ago in Offer Additional Options for "Off Topic" Flag - however this was answered with a clear "no" because we were a beta site at the time. Recently I saw this ...
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Definitive guide for choosing the right SE site to ask a question on?

When you have a Data Science-related question, there are at least 7 relevant StackExchange sites to choose from. So how do you pick the right one? Yes, for each question you can first ask on Meta (...
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What should we do when a question posted on DataScience is a duplicate of a question posted on CrossValidated?

What should we do when a question posted on DataScience is a duplicate of a question posted on CrossValidated? (Example (mirror)) Should we leave a comment, copy-paste the answer(s) from ...
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What percentage of questions here are also on-topic on Cross Validated?

I wonder if anyone has tried to approximate the percentage of questions posted here that are also on-topic on Cross Validated.
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Shall we have a Community Promotion Ad in CrossValidated?

There is the Community Promotion Ads selection going on in Cross Validated. Link: Stephen's message in chat Selected ...
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Different from stack overflow [duplicate]

How is this site different from stack overflow or cross validate? The topics covered are so similar. Both deal with coding and machine learning.
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How is this site different from Cross Validated

I think Cross Validated is a more inclusive site than Data Science. The scope of Cross validated includes machine learning. I wonder what is the reason of this site proposals? Cross Validated is ...
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Time to do something about datascience stackexchange?

I was very interested when I found this branch of StackOverflow, and initially the questions and answers seemed rare, but reasonably interesting. Lately I see, for example, 4 out of 11 active ...
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When is it okay to cross-post to on Data Science from Cross Validated?

In general: When it is okay to cross post from Cross Validated or Stack Overflow to Data Science? Specific Situation: I have a machine learning question on Cross Validated that does not seem to be ...
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How is Data Science Different From Cross-Validated?

I see a lot of two overlap in the two SE sites. I think both interest me in the research and possibly the professional work I do. What are some cases to use one and not the other. In particular, ...