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Why is my question not reopened again?

This is my question, which was closed because I was asking 2 questions in 1 question... but now I removed the first question and made it focus one question only. So why is it not re opened now? Thanks!...
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1 answer

Closing question based on inactivity

I want to know if there is a way to vote for closing questions based on inactivity from OP's side. There are more than 9000 unanswered question on where some of ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can alternative sites now be added to off-topic/migration?

I see this was asked a while ago in Offer Additional Options for "Off Topic" Flag - however this was answered with a clear "no" because we were a beta site at the time. Recently I saw this ...
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Can I please know why this question is down-voted (and also voted to close)?

Question on Big Data algorithms
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Are performance optimization questions off-topic?

I'm posting this to discuss whether questions about performance optimizations are off-topic in data science, and of course to see better definitions for such questions. My main relation with data ...
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3 votes
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Can we get some more off-topic close reasons?

Currently the only options for flagging as off topic are: Blatantly off-topic/nothing to do with data science Migrate to DS meta At the very least, we could use a general-purpose "belongs on another ...
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Are recommendation and opinion based questions off-topic?

It's very good to see the community is growing, and we're already through the private beta. Since this session ended, I've seen many questions asking for opinion and recommendation, but I was not sure ...
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