Sorry to bother but, the latest Artificial Intelligence was closed as a "duplicate" of this site. Some of the basic qustions included:

What is the difference between AI and Machine Learning?

What are the necessary components to make AI agent self-programming-capable?

What are the practical uses/limitations of Genetic Algorithms?

What are some of the faster variants of backpropagation for training neural networks?

So my question is: Do these actually count as on-topic questions for this site?


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While the specific questions you listed wouldn't really be good examples for any Stack Exchange site (they're better suited to a roundtable discussion), the subject of machine learning and AI are certainly within the scope of Data Science — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_science.

I'd hate to see these poor examples used as a reason to exclude AI and machine learning from being on topic. So, no, most of those questions would not likely be good examples to ask; but, yes, the subjects of machine learning and AI should be included within the scope of this site. That is, in part, what we found so appealing about creating a site that included this subject space.


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