There is emerging field of categorical deep learning whose recent article is https://arxiv.org/abs/2402.15332 and their company has just raised 33M from Khosla ventures https://techcrunch.com/2024/04/09/symbolica-hopes-to-head-off-the-ai-arms-race-by-betting-on-symbolic-models

And I have just asked question about their article: Trying to understand Ch.2.1 "2.1. Monads and their algebras" of "Categorical Deep Learning: An Algebraic Theory of Architectures"

Unfortunately, there are not tags 'category-theory' or 'categorical-deep-learning' in Data Science Stackexchange. Maybe we should create one and apply it to my question?


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You can create tags directly from the Ask Question page, after you've gotten that privilege at 150 rep. If there were a serious need and you hadn't the reputation, I would create it for you based on this meta question.

For now though, I think we can hold off. If and when more questions arrive that could use that tag, we can add it. (They might help guide whether the tag should be 'category-theory' or 'categorical-deep-learning' or something else.)


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