I've seen that there was a discussion a few years ago about papers on Data Science SE and I'd like to revive it.

I am a bit fuzzy about whether questions about papers are or should be considered on-topic. Maybe there is a distinction between:

  • A specific question about a part of the paper (i.e., how should I interpret this equation?)
  • A general question about the paper (i.e. what dataset did they use? Is there an implementation? How to contact the author?)
  • A discussion question about the implication of the paper?

I would assume that the first one is fine and that the others probably aren't.

Can anyone confirm?


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It seems about right.

  • Case 1: would be a common question.
  • Case 2: would probably be downvoted since it would be a question that doesn't show much effort, if a accepted paper doesn't give that kind of clarification it is probably is from a low quality publisher. Also, SE Academia should be used to ask more general questions about publishing/getting information about academic articles.
  • Case 3: probably would lead to a opinion-based question, which should be closed.

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