Ten month ago, I asked What are references explaining Hugo Steinhaus early “data science” work?. It remains unanswered.

It seemed to me it was legitimate on SE.DataScience at this time. Although mathematician, Steinhaus worked on a lot of applied topics, devised early data science tools, and did "invent" k-means. Plus:

  • data science is a novel field, probably not yet identified as a science per se by others
  • such questions appear on SE.Stats.SE or SE.Math.

Now, @aventurin suggested the question would fit better in History of science and mathematics. However, according to Meta: what is migration and how does it work:

Only questions which are less than 60 days old can be migrated; this rule applies also to moderators. Developers are able to bypass this restriction, but they only do so in very, very rare cases.

Plus, I do not have the reputation to do it directly. What are your suggestions?

  • keep it here,
  • having it migrated anyway,
  • advertise to attract HSM folks?
  • else.
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Personally, I think that question could fit on either StackExchange. Although this SE tends to be more about algorithms and tools instead of history, the topic seems "data science"-related. I do think it fits somewhat better on HSM, but I wouldn't close it here. Yes I can't migrate it.

You can re-ask on HSM, although if you do it'd be nice to close it here I guess. It's not getting answered here anyway.

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