I have just come across this post on Meta SE site, which speaks of a really awesome wiki in the help-center of the Buddhism site.

It reminded me of Quora's Data Science wiki which includes a really good step-by-step guide to Data Science.

Having such a nice wiki helps us re-direct the getting started posts to the wiki, so that the users can self-help themselves to a certain extent which helps reduce low quality content as well as helping the new users/learners (Win-Win!).

But, compiling a wiki of that quality requires good and active community participation. So, do chip in with ideas and posts.

Hint: We can try to get an idea of the wiki from the(and not just limited to,) tag on the main site.

After we have a consensus of the wiki, the mods can go ahead and create it (as underlined here).

Let's have the discussions related to the wiki construction in the DataScience chat room.

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